Dual-Rotational Figure Skating Training System

The Dual Rotational Jump Harness Training System is an innovative tool for skaters and skating coaches looking to increase their competitive edge. The jump training system is used to help skaters build confidence as they learn new figure skating jumps, tricks, and lifts. 

As the skater's confidence grows, their need for the training harness lessens. The Dual-Rotational Jump Training System will cut down on learning time for new jumps and help skaters master their skills in a shorter time. 

The adjustible  harness allows it to be used with multiple ages, skater sizes, skill levels and coaches. The training system can be installed in most ice arenas to run either the length or width of the rink.

 skater in pose silluette skating harness image
young lady learning to use the skating harness
trainer / coach working with a young female skater in jump harness skating system 

Great for beginner and advanced skaters of all ages and sizes!

Why Choose the Dual-Rotational Jump Training Skate Harness Systems:

  • All the components used in the Jump Training skate harness system can hold more than 5,000 lbs.  Our materials exceed the  standards set by OSHA, ANSI, ACCT, TSSA and other associations.  In addition we only use products  in their intended manner. 
  • Our padded waist belt and spreader bars are custom manufactured for skaters.  They are fully adjustable and easy to use.  They feature a single quick locking buckle system, allowing the skater easy access in and out of the harness, and a 3" padded waist belt, for comfort and multiple hook in points.
  • Our multiple hook in points will accommodate any size or age of skater. The multiple hook in points also allow any skater to always remain in the proper position. Additionally, multiple hook in points allow our system to be adaptable to more types of  skating moves and motions than systems with only a single hook in point.
  • The overhead spreader bar is made from a light weight nylon rod, as opposed to a steel bar.
  • Our stainless steel rotational swivels spin on ball bearings, for a positive response when the skater is in the air performing a spin or manuever. 
  • The rope used with the  training system is 11mm Low Stretch Static Rope manufactured for fall protection and very durable. Our competition uses clothesline and polydacron rope to support the life of your skaters. A use not approved of by the rope manufacturers.
  • Most importantly- every component of our Skater Jump Harness System is manufactured and assembled using only products that have been designed and engineered to support human weight. All materials meet OSHA minimum standards for personal fall arrest systems. Our competition uses sailing pulleys and garage door pulleys not manufactured or approved for the use of supporting live human loads.
  • We provide a 3 year guarantee on all materials and workmanship on every installation.

skating toe touch pro motion move  spin move with jump twist

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