Dual-Rotational Figure Skating Training System

There are many costs that go into installing a new jump training harness system for figure skaters. Each ice arena facility and building design is unique and individual in nature and will need to be evaluated for appropriate installation options. Below is some general information concerning costs.

Site Evaluation: If E.S.I. is selected to install your skating harness we will either need to visit your site to determine the most appropriate location for installation, or we will need to review structural drawings and photographs of the ice rinks and ceiling structure. In cases where a site visit would prove to be too costly specific measurements will need to be taken by the ice rink and provided to E.S.I. in order to get a specific quote.

Design: Due to the vast number of different rink designs and support structures found in Ice Arenas most installations have some type of custom component. Typically this custom component is the clamp or mounting unit that attaches directly to your rinks existing I-beam or overhead truss system. Many Ice Rinks have drop ceilings or solar panels installed above the ice. In these instances the custom clamping system needs to be manufactured long enough to hang below the drop ceiling.

Materials: All materials used by E.S.I. are corrosion resistant and designed, and manufactured to support no less than 5,000 lbs. in compliance with OSHA, ANSI, ACCT and TSSA fall protection standards. With most components far exceeding that strength requirement.

Labor: All labor is provided by an E.S.I authorized agent who has installed dozens of these systems. We do not hire local subcontractors to install our systems. Our installers are OSHA and Crosby Certified.

Training: Staff training is imperative and required of any new organization purchasing a harness system from Experiential Systems, Inc. Training is typically up to one hour in length, is experiential in nature and covers the set-up, use and maintenance of your new jump training system. This is typically completed with one or two arena coaches or supervisors who are then charged with providing further training to all other relevent staff, trainers and coaches that will use the skate harness in their practices.

Insurance: E.S.I. is fully insured. We carry a two-million dollar General Liability and Completed Operations policy with an A++ rated company, and Workers Compensation coverage for all employees.

Travel Expenses: Travel expenses will vary based on your facilities location. Mileage is billed at $0.565 a mile, round trip; Lodging is charged at the billed rate; Meals are billed at $45.00 per day; any airfare or rental car rates will be billed at the rate charged. Shipping of materials and tools will be billed at actual expense.

Installation Cost: While the Dual Rotational Jump Harnesses Systems typically cost between $2,800.00 and $3,600.00 fully installed. Many price quotes may come in either much lower or much higher due to the specifics of your building design and location of installation.

* Engineering Plans are occasionally required for special customized buildings and may be required by some local building codes. Costs associated with this step is dependent on the complexity of the design and location of installation.